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  1. The Spark (Demo)

From the album Brave The Light

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From the moment of connection,
A tiny spark of something wild,
An unexpected ressurection,
A buried flame I thought had died

A darkened dive,
We reached across the table,
And intertwined,
Our fingers fell so gracefully,
And in that moment I could almost feel,
The world that we would hold

The amber glow,
Streetlights exposed amazement,
Holding you close,
Out on the crooked pavement,
We threw a spark and felt the streets ignite,
Like tinder on the coals

Now we can tend the fire,
Or watch it burn down,
Rescue our desire,
Or just let it drown,
We can make it out alive,
Just keep the fire burning bright,
If you'll share with me your light,
I'll keep my fire burning bright

So on we go,
The spark contained, protected,
But even so,
It can't go unaffected,
And so afraid are we to free it,
That we may just snuff it out