From the album Brave The Light

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Years ago, we used to say whatever comes,
We won’t give way, and we won’t turn our backs and run,
How could we know that time would cut so cruel a path,
Or that the years would work to multiply the cracks

I used to think that you were all I’d ever need,
But maybe this love has been damned from at the seed,
Sometimes I pray that God will somehow turn the earth,
Is there a place in time where you and I still work?

Don’t ask me how, I don’t know,
We’ll work things out, I keep hoping,
When that dreadful doubt starts to grow,
The air runs out and I’m choking

You and I lost within a sea of time,
Holding fast to a disconnected line,
Driftng back over waves that pull us through,
A brutal tide that answers only to the moon

No one warns you of the signs; of the ravages of time,
Or of the way that love can bruise,
No one warns you of the hurt when it costs twice more what it’s worth,
And no one dares to tell the truth

Is there a place in time for us?