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  1. Prove

From the album Brave The Light

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I wish I could tell you that things will be good from now on,
When it feels like the good times will soon enough be all but gone,
If I could say one thing to you it would be just hold on,
I wish there was some way to prove to you we could be strong

A wise man once told me it all would work out in the end,
When I felt for certain the damage was too great to mend,
So I'll be a stronger man, I'll be unwilling to bend,
A man who will fight 'til there's nothing but dust to defend

Follow me, follow me down to the end of the line,
Picking up speed as we barrel into,
Clouds of uncertainty, more than a few,
I say caution be damned, I'm not giving away what is mine,
And I'm not letting you go just yet, baby, there's time

I wish I could whisper a secret and you would believe,
And I know you're scared that one day I'll just get up and leave,
I know as I say this to you that it sounds so naive,
Well, it's easy enough, love, to give, but it's hard to receive