From the album Brave The Light

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You know, my friend, that you are truly lost,
When all that seems to count is getting off,
When all you hear are voices from the depth,
Persuading you to seek out only flesh

I know too well the pull of strange new skin,
It's not that I believe it to be sin,
It's not that I don't understand the dark,
The fear of finally crushing out your spark

Your head so filled with doubt,
You feel so small,
The fear of missing out,
Consuming all

The wanderlust that overcomes your heart,
Directing you to aimlessly depart,
Directing you to stray from what you love,
To seek out what will never be enough

And what you miss the most is not,
The same as what you thought you'd want,
And I don't mean to tell you that you're wrong,
But there must be something more than this

The shadows from your past may never leave,
Will only serve to bring you to your knees,
Will only serve to leave you in the dark,
If shadows are not seen for what they are