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  1. Dear Sarah

From the album Brave The Light

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Dear Sarah, have you felt the fire,
Burning out, dying out,
Dear Sarah, is there still desire,
Do you have your doubts
'Cause I have my doubts

Do you still reminisce,
About the things that you miss

Dear Sarah, is there still a smile,
When you think back to when we'd meet,
How every second stretched a mile,
And every breath felt so complete

How did we drift so far,
Is it just who we are

Sarah I still see your eyes,
Bright like a bell or flushed with pain,
'Cause I've seen the storms that fill your skies,
I've watched you shine, seen it rain,
Heaven knows we've seen it rain

Dear Sarah do you recall,
How beautiful was the fall,
Do you remember it still,
I know I always will,
I know I always will