From the album Brave The Light

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The night I told you what I meant,
By every word and every touch and every second that we spent,
And you just closed your eyes and fell into a hush,
Was it too much?

I saw the fear that filled your eyes,
As you withdrew from me and quietly retreated from the light,
But in your fear I saw a flash of sweet regret,
A long held wish that flickers yet

And if you don't believe me then see for yourself,
What running away now will bring,
You can harden your heart, keep it high on a shelf,
Or teach it with kindness to sing,
You can tune out the world if you choose,
And it's only the world that you lose

If you could turn to face me now,
I'd pull your body into mine but make no everlasting vow,
Because this moment now is all there ever is,
To live like this, oh, just like this