Custom Songs!

I have fallen in love with writing CUSTOM SONGS! Since last October, I have had the opportunity to create some music on request from people all over the country. Basically, people ask for a new, original song to be written and recorded about whatever they like, and I deliver it in a few days. 

This work has forced me to sharpen my writing skills and stretch my creativity in ways that I find challenging, exciting, and incredibly rewarding. The best part is that I know I'm helping someone create a very special gift that both they and I get to put our hearts into. It's a really cool feeling. 

If this kind of thing interests you, I've set up an order page on my website. I'd love the opportunity to write a song for you, either to give to yourself or for a loved one. Please check it out, listen to the sample songs that I've added to my website HERE.

I'm super stoked to help people create memorable gifts. If you want in, click the link below to get one started now!



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  • Leila Shepherd

    Leila Shepherd Twin Falls Idaho 83301

    This gift looks incredible!

    This gift looks incredible!

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